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The lunch period is an important part of every child’s social development. Children spend ten minutes eating lunch in their classrooms after which they go outside to play.


The importance of good eating habits is emphasized at every grade level. Please support this concept when you prepare snacks and lunch from home.


All students are able to have fresh fruit and water during class time.  Please send only water in a plastic bottle.  For safety reasons, drinks in cans or bottles and chewing gum are not to be brought to school.


On wet/extreme hot days children will remain indoors during recess and lunchtime.



The school uniform is sold online via RHSports.


We encourage parent support.  However at the moment we are unable to accept parents onsite due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


We hope that this will soon change and when it does if you would like to assist in the classroom with reading, writing or maths please see the classroom teacher. A ‘Working with Children’ ID card will be required (you can get information on this from the office or  Parent helpers will also be required to attend a brief information session run by the school.

Mother and Child



School staff, children or young people at school showing any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) will be isolated in a suitable space with supervision and collected by a parent or carer as soon as possible.

If the child cannot remain isolated while waiting to be collected, the staff member looking after them will wear a mask and carry out frequent hand hygiene.



At Sunshine Heights Primary School we are committed to ensuring that we function as a harmonious and supportive community.  We have established a number of policies to guide the way we work.  Policies are developed in consultation with students, staff and parents to reflect Departmental guidelines and school priorities, and the thoughts, ideas and beliefs of our whole school community.  


The policies are available at the school office or on the school’s website.  Please take the time to read the policies.   

Ear Exam


Should your child become ill or be injured at school we will contact one of the parents or nominated contacts and ask that they arrange for the child to be picked up. If a situation arose where we were unable to make contact with the parents or any of the nominated people we would take what action was considered appropriate by the fully qualified first aid staff. This could involve calling an ambulance.

 Emergency information is provided through the student enrolment form. Please communicate any changes to the office as soon as possible.

 Only trained first aid staff administer first aid at the school.