Letter from the 2021 Prep Team:

Transition at a distance

To the 2021 Prep Families,  

Many of you will feel worried about your child starting school in 2021. This year has meant many kindergarten milestones have been missed and you may be questioning whether your child is ‘school ready’. We would like you to know that our school is a welcoming and supportive community and that your child and family will be supported in 2021. All the Preps will be in the same position and at Sunshine Heights we are already planning ways in which we can adapt our Prep program to support them. Here are some ways that our school will be supporting our 2021 Preps with their big Transition into school:   

  • The Prep teachers are doing ongoing research into how best to support children with transitions and their social, emotional and academic development. 

  • The Prep teachers are doing increased professional learning on child development.  

  • Our planning is responsive to the needs and interests of students’. We seek to understand where our student’s next area of growth is and provide varying levels of support until they can do something independently. 

  • In the beginning of Term 1 2021, the Prep teachers will be meeting with all our new students to understand their developmental stage. We then address their needs in our planning and daily teaching.  

  • We value social and emotional learning and building respectful relationships through teaching the ‘Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships’ program. 

  • We build students’ Literacy and Numeracy skills through play and exploration. 

The possibility of your child transitioning into school while restrictions are in place may have many families nervous. As a school community we are working to build effective communication channels so that we build relationships with our new families at a distance. The 2021 Prep teachers are looking forward to speaking to each new family on the phone later this year. Our Seesaw program will provide you with a window into the classroom. We are also only a phone call away and you can request to talk to your child’s teacher at any time. 

You can feel comfortable that your child will be safe and supported at our school in 2021, we will help them and you feel ‘school ready!’


If you can please complete a short 2021 Prep Parent Survey. Your responses are completely confidential and only used by the Prep team to help us get to know your child and to assist with transition. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


Best wishes,


The Leadership Team and Prep teachers from Sunshine Heights Primary School.